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Spring Branches

Reminiscent® roses represent a new day for rose lovers, combining the classic beauty and fragrance of old-fashioned roses with modern-day performance. They were developed in Serbia by a breeding team that is devoted to bringing out the best in color, fragrance, petal count, and flower power. Available in North America for the very first time, Reminiscent roses will be the roses everyone's looking for at their local garden center. 

Reminiscent® Coral rose boasts blousy, bowl-shaped flowers with deep pink-coral tones and an appealing copper center. Dark green foliage accents the flowers and stays clean and healthy through the season. Deadheading not required for continuous blooms.

Fragrant Flower 

Disease Resistant 

Long Blooming 

Heat Tolerant


Garden Height: 

 24 - 42 Inches 



 24 Inches 



 24 Inches 


Full Sun

Reminiscent Coral Rose

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