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Spring Branches

A sweetspire that literally stands out in the landscape! Its abundant upright flower spikes are bright white and carry a light, lovely fragrance that attracts people and pollinators. An early summer bloom time helps bridge the gap between the seasons seamlessly and its thick, dark green foliage is handsome enough to carry the show for the rest of the season. With a petite size, you'll be able to use it in any size garden.

Top reasons to grow Fizzy Mizzy™ sweetspire:

- Unique upright bloom, like the exclamation point of the garden

- Very tidy, uniform habit

- One of the most shade tolerant flowering shrubs


Height Category: 


Garden Height: 

 24 - 36 Inches  


 24 - 36 Inches  


 24 - 36 Inches  

Flower Colors: 




Light Requirement: 

 Sun or Shade 

The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).


Itea Fizzy Mizzy

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