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Spring Branches

Cyperus prolifer 'Cleopatra' is a vigorous, grass-like foliage plant with umbels that radiate stiffly from the center, looking like a green starburst. Totally versatile as it can go in sun or shade, containers, and landscape plantings including water gardens! Can even be planted directly in a pond, however, the crown of the plant should never be covered in water. This Umbrella Plant makes an exotic, tropical centerpiece in containers or an eye-catching focal point in the garden. Even though it is considered a water plant, it can take drying out in regular garden plantings and is very heat tolerant.


Type:  Annual

Sun/Shade:  ull Sun to Full Shade

Foliage Color:  Green

Hardiness Zone:  Not hardy

Height:  12-18 inches

Spread:  16-20 inches

Benefits:  Vigorous Growth

Truly Heat Tolerant

Grass Cyperus Cleopatra

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