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Spring is HERE!!

Hello Friends!


We are looking forward to Spring 2021! We have been hard at work planning, fixing, and planting for the new year. We have ordered some new plants but still have all of your old favorites. 

We will be posting some changes for 2021 and our plan for shopping and dealing with the Covid regulations.  

As always we will be accepting containers for custom planting. This year we are asking that flower reserves be placed no later than APRIL 22nd. Custom container planters will be accepted as long as plants are available.  This gives you the best selection and time for your plants to grow in the greenhouse. 

All orders must be picked up by May 22. Any order left will be put out for sale May 22. ---UNLESS arraignments have been made with Bryce or Rachael. 

Here's to a good Spring!

Rachael & Bryce McDaniel



Bryce and Rachael purchased the greenhouse from Bryce's parents in 2018 which began in 1973 as a modest glass greenhouse. "The Posy Pot" in Larry and Jeaneen's backyard bloomed into a fruitful business that has served both Muskingum and Guernsey counties for over 40 years. This one location in Rix Mills then grew into McDaniel's Greenhouse as you know it today.  McDaniel's is a true working greenhouse and beginning in February you can find us planting, seeding, or cutting.  All of our products are hand planted and nurtured throughout the season. McDaniel's offers an extensive variety of annuals, succulents, cacti, house plants, vegetables, and perennials as well as beautiful custom designed containers. Each container whether yours or ours, is hand planted and designed with a clear vision of your needs and wants. Simply bring in your container or pre-order one of ours and leave the dirty work to us. Our customers are the heart of the business. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and the type of personalized customer care that you won't find in any box store.  We look forward to serving you this season and for many seasons to come here at McDaniel's Greenhouse.



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