The Candy Corn Plant - also known as the Firecracker Vine - is just about the perfect plant. The flowers are stunning, it's always in bloom, it's easy to grow, not picky about light, it has great foliage, and it grows well indoors. Is there anything bad about this plant? Well, it doesn't take freezing temperatures too well. But if you can protect it from frost, this will be one of your favorite plants. Wherever you put it, the Candy Corn Plant will light up your garden with hundreds of eye-catching flowers!


The Candy Corn Plant (Manettia bicolor/inflata) is a distant relative of coffee (Rubiaceae family). Its tubular blossoms are bright reddish-orange tipped with yellow, making them look like lit fireworks, or pieces of candy corn. These unusual blooms are just under an inch long and are fuzzy and firm to the touch. They cover the plant practically all year. Firecracker Vine gracefully twines its way up a trellis or arbor, eventually covering it with glossy, oval leaves. It is vigorous and fast growing, and easily pruned to any size that's convenient.


Full to Part Sun

Maniettia Candy Corn 6"