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Spring Branches
  • Category:Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone:4-8
  • Height:24-30 Inches
  • Spread:15-18 Inches
  • Bloom Color:Yellow Shades

Most plants contribute to the garden and some can dominate the garden for short periods of time. 'Chandelier' will lord over the garden when it blooms making all other plants in the garden at that time, whether blooming or not, mere servants to the undisputed emperor. That might seem like an exaggeration until you see 'Chandelier' in bloom with impossibly long, upward reaching stems of bonnet-like flowers that can reach up to 18" tall above blue-green, palmate foliage in columns of milky white and lemon yellow. What a show! It is truly a dominating display in late May and June that is fleeting since it lasts only a few weeks but its image will be etched in your memory far after the bloom has passed. Like all Lupine, 'Chandelier' loves full sun and deep, moist, well-drained soil to put on their memorable show.

Lupin Chandelier Yellow