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Spring Branches

Chameleon™ Blueberry Scone Calibrachoa is covered in stunning blue trumpet-shaped flowers with violet overtones, gold throats and a burgundy ring at the ends of the stems from late spring to early fall, which emerge from distinctive yellow flower buds. Its small pointy leaves remain green in color throughout the season.


Height:  12 inches

Spacing:  10 inches


Hardiness Zone:  (annual)

Other Names:  Million Bells, Mini Petunia

Group/Class:  Chameleon Series

Brand:  Westhoff


This charming variety is true to its name, with shifting colors in response to changes in light, day length and other seasonal influences; presents shades of bluish purple, violet, and yellow; a perfect selection for beds, containers and hanging baskets

Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone

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